This is a beginner topic. Little to no advanced knowledge is required.

Level 4 or Higher - See permission level document for details


If you made any critical errors, or deleted content, or just broke your site in general, this page will help you create restore a previous backup of your live site. Keep in mind that any changes made to your site since the date of your last backup WILL BE LOST. 

Table of contents

Step 1: Log into the Pantheon Dashboard

The dashboard is located at

Step 2: Select the sandbox that your site is in

Select the sandbox that contains your live site. See below.

Step 3: Open the Live Site tab and then click "backups"

First click to open the Live server environment. Don't worry you can't break anything! 

Next click "Backups"

Step 4: Restore Backup

Click the "Restore" button next to the backup you want to restore. Keep in mind that any changes made since the date and timestamp of this backup will be lost.

Step 5: Try again!

Now you can try your change again and see if you have more success.