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Only Departmental Content Administrators have access to perform this task. If you are not the primary departmental contact, please speak with your department head to find out who is and ask them to make this change.


Change the URL for "Show Your Support" Links on Franklin Themed Sites

To manage your site append /user to your URL.

Your user name is your MyID and your password is the password you use with your MyID. 

As a logged in user on your site, you will see an administration menu at the top of your site. Depending on your permissions, your toolbar might look a little different-- you might not see some of the menu items. Click the "Appearance" menu option. 

This will open a page with your available themes. The active theme is listed at the top and may be different from site to site but is most likely called "Department Theme" or "Franklin Theme". Click the "Settings" Option next to that theme. See Image below

Scroll down find and expand "Departmental Settings"

Scroll down until you see the URL box for "Show Your Support"

Then save!

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