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Log into your unit's site

Via the Login Page found in the Footer

In the footer for our Drupal 8 sites, there's a link to a login page.

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Via /user

The easiest Another way to log into your unit's site is to append "/user" to the url.


This will take you to the CAS login screen.


Login problems

If you are having trouble logging in, please put in a ticket via

Once you log in, this will take you to your user profile.

This is not the same thing as your personnel page. 

Via a login page

Or you can navigate to the login page on your unit's site. 


For some sites, you can find the login screen under the Faculty and Staff section of your site, as in this example on the Department of Anthropology's website.


Sometimes, the Login page is located under the People or Directory link, with that menu.



For our site's using the Bold theme, the login is in the footer under "Login" or "Faculty Staff."


Here's the login link in the footer. It's under "For Faculty & Staff."


In this example, I am logged in as "zhurston" who has a role that allows her to edit her own personnel page only. 



If you have the ability to edit your personnel page, you should see an edit button there.

If you don't see the edit button, please put in a ticket to the Franklin OIT Helpdesk via


Make your edits

Most of the time, working on your personnel page is simple: you just fill out the fields.


In the above example, Zora can indicate the courses she regularly teaches. These courses have been pre-loaded on the site by your unit's web committee.


If I start typing in a course code, say "COUR" in this example, I'll get some options from which I can select.


Because Zora has indicated that she is a teacher of three courses, including COUR 4400/6400 which I just added, a link will automatically appear her personnel page when she saves it.


And when someone clicks on the course COUR 4400/6400 from somewhere else on the site, her name and picture automatically appear next to it. 


Some sites also have pre-loaded Research Areas. It works the same way as Courses.


If you see one or more of these kinds of fields, simply try typing in them, and see what comes up.


The text editor field

This kind of field is the most flexible field. It allows you to insert and format text, links, and images. 


For sites using the Franklin Bold theme, there are special fields for graduate students under a drop-down at the bottom of the edit page.


Here, you will find optional additional fields for you to fill out, indicating your graduation date, thesis title, committee members and more.

How and if your department makes use of these fields on the site depends on which unit you are part of.


If there's a field with a little circle at the end, you can reference to Faculty members who exist on the site. Just begin typing their name, and the field should autocomplete.


You can edit your personnel page as often as you need to!