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 Use this article to configure the Xerox ColorQube 9201 copier for printing in the Cellular Biology Department. The copier is located in room 721 of the Biological Sciences building.

Step-by-step Guide


  1. Use the Managed Software Center to install the copier.

    1. Open "Managed Software Center" from your "Applications" folder.
    2. Click the "INSTALL" button next to "721 Biological Sciences - Color Copier". (Fig. 1)
    3. When the window containing the message "Additional Pending Updates" appears click "OK".
    4. You will see 2 pending updates. Click "UPDATE ALL" and wait until the installation is complete.
  2. Open a document or web page.

  3. Select File --> Print.
  4. Locate the drop-down menu that has "Copies & Pages" selected. (Fig. 2)
    1. If using Safari, you may have to click the "Show Details" button located at the bottom of the print dialog box to see this drop-down menu. (Fig. 3)
  5. Click this menu and select "Xerox Features" instead.
  6. In the drop-down menu that appears below "Xerox Features", select "Advanced".
  7. Click the "Accounting..." button beside "Configuration:". (Fig. 4)
  8. Select "Xerox Standard Accounting" from the drop-down menu then click "OK". (Fig. 5)
  9. Click "Print" and type your accounting number in the "User ID" field and click "OK". (Fig. 6)
    1. You may obtain your accounting number for the copier from Genia in the Cellular Biology office.



Fig. 1Fig. 2Fig. 3
Fig. 4Fig. 5Fig. 6


  1. Request that the copier in room 721 be installed on your computer.
  2. Once installed, click the Start bubble (Windows 7) or the Cortana search field (Windows 10) and type "printers" in the search field.
  3. Open the "Devices and Printers" window from the results that populate.
  4. Find the Xerox ColorQube printer in the "Printers" section. If you are unsure of which printer to pick, ask your support personnel to provide the name of the printer.
  5. Right-click the printer and select "Printer Properties". (Fig. 8)
  6. Click the "Options" tab, and use the drop-down menu beside "Configuration:" to select "Xerox ColorQube 9201".
  7. Click "OK".
  8. Right-click the printer again in the "Devices and Printers" window and select "Printer Properties".
  9. Click the "Configuration" tab and then click "Accounting...". (Fig. 10)
  10. Using the "Accounting System:" drop-down menu, select "Xerox Standard Accounting or Auditron".
  11. Open a document or a web page and select File --> Print.
  12. Verify the Xerox ColorQube printer is selected and press "Print".
  13. Enter your accounting code in the "User ID:" field. (Fig. 12)
    1. You may obtain your accounting number for the copier from Genia in the Cellular Biology office.
Fig. 8Fig. 9Fig. 10

Fig. 11Fig. 12