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How to manage your active Help Desk tickets at

Viewing Your Submitted Tickets

Visit and click Sign In at the top right corner. Your login credentials will be your MyID and password.

Once you are signed in and can see your name in the top right corner, click on Franklin OIT General Service Request. Once there, click on Ticket Requests towards the top of the page underneath Services in bold. There, you will see this page:

Here you can search for a specific ticket using the available fields, or you can scroll down to see a list of your created tickets. 

If you are looking for a completed ticket you may need to modify the default values in the Status Class field to include Completed or Cancelled statuses

Updating Your Ticket and Communicating with Your Technician

Once you click on the ticket that you'd like to update, you will see a page listing the details and description of that ticket. You will also see links where you can withdraw your request, add attachments, and write comments to the technician working on the request. 

When your technician responds to messages in your ticket, Team Dynamix will send you an email notification as well as putting the technician's message into the ticket. You may respond directly to the email message to send your reply to your technician; Team Dynamix will automatically put the response into your ticket as well. It is worth noting that any attachments in an email response will also be imported to your ticket automatically.