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Complexity Level: Beginner

This is a beginner topic. Little to no advanced knowledge is required.

Permission Level


This document is to explain to unit administrators and web committee users how to unpublish or delete content on their websites. 

Table of Contents

Unpublishing Content

Say that someone left your Department so you want their personnel page to be viewable by people who visit your site, but you want to keep the information handy just in case so you don't want to delete it. That's where Unpublishing comes in. 

Let's say we want to Unpublish Emily Dittmar's personnel page. 

Step 1: Edit Emily's page

There's two ways to do this.

Edit a content page by visiting the page, and then clicking edit.


Edit content by clicking on Content on the administrative menu bar, and editing from the content list.

Filtering by the title of your content. In this case it's Emily Dittmar.

And then clicking on Edit.

By doing it either way, you will get to this page.

Step 3: Uncheck 'Published'.

Scroll all the way down the page. Uncheck the 'Published' checkbox.

Step 4: Click Save

Click save to unpublish your content.

Step 5: Now your content should be unpublished!

Notice how the content is now labeled as Unpublished

And how it's gone from the directory list.

Deleting Content

This is for content you don't longer need in your website at all.

Step 1: Find the content you want to delete.

We're going to delete this page.

Step 2: Click on the 'Delete' tab.

It will bring you to this page.

Note: Once you delete something, please remember that in most cases it's gone forever. We cannot get it back for you. 

Step 3: Click on 'Delete'.

And now the page has been deleted from your website, forever.


To manage any part of your web site, you will have to be logged into the Drupal CMS.

If you need help logging in, please review this login help document. 

Contact the Franklin OIT Help Desk

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