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When moving equipment between locations or departments, it is important to fill out the "Notice of Change in Departmental Equipment" form.  This form must be filled out and returned to Property Control (  Completion of this form is the most efficient method for the department and the IT Professional to ensure that all parties are able to properly account for their inventoried equipment.

When this paperwork is properly completed several important goals are accomplished.

  • The department has a written notification of the new location of the equipment in question.
  • The IT Professional has documentation of the location of that equipment.
  • It ensures that the equipment information is correct in the Property Control database.
  • If the items are being sent to surplus they can be moved from the original departmental inventory to Franklin OIT's inventory during this process.
  • If the items are being retained by the department but are being re-purposed to a different user this form will update the departmental inventory as well as act as documentation of the change in location and user of the items in question.


  1. Please list the department name and date of the request on the top of the form.
  2. On each line it is important to fill out each of the required fields.  The departmental inventory contact (AICO) will be able to answer any questions about the required information for each field.  In the Franklin College Dean's Office, that person is the Franklin OIT Administrative Specialist.  For other departments please contact Property Control for the name of the individual responsible for departmental inventory.
  3. If the equipment is only changing locations within the same department then the departmental account information will remain the same.
  4. Obtain signatures from the individual requesting the transfer and the individual receiving the transfer.  This must be two different people.
  5. Once the form is signed by all parties a copy should remain with the department as well as Franklin OIT.  The original should be sent to Property Control.
  6. For further information, please review the Property Control Policy and Procedure.

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