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Franklin College prioritizes using student technology fee funds to address software and hardware needs in our instructional computer labs and technology-enhanced classrooms. Direct student benefit is the guiding principle of student technology fee allocation and investment.

Step-by-step guide

Student Technology Fee Guidelines

The University of Georgia adheres to the USG Student Technology Fee Expenditure guidelines.

Base Allocation Information

Franklin College receives a base allocation annually.  Allocation amounts are posted to the EITS Student Technology Fee homepage.

Requesting Funds

Departments are responsible for maintaining an active queue of student technology requests in the Franklin College Requests and Commitments System. A memo to remind departments to update the queue will be sent out in March. All current and recurring STF costs should be entered no later than April 1 in preparation for the next fiscal year.

Funding Priorities

The college priorities for STF funds are as follows:

  1. The 4-year replacement cycle for instructional computer lab and classroom computers
  2. Lifecycle management for technology-enhanced classrooms
  3. Software licensing for instructional lab and classroom computers
  4. Peripherals and some discipline-specific needs for instructional computer labs
  5. Personnel to support computer labs, classrooms, and instructional technologies

Funding Approval

Franklin OIT typically undergoes 2-3 rounds of fund allocations:

  • Round 1 - Notifications sent in early to mid-July (largest round of annual purchasing); deadline for purchasing November 1
  • Round 2 - Notifications sent in January (small second round of purchasing); deadline for purchasing March 1
  • Round 3 - Notifications sent in March (if funds permit); deadline for purchasing April 1

Balances from Allocations and OIT Commitments are reallocated to fund additional STF requests.

Funding Types

Funding requests that have been approved and selected for funding will be marked either as "Allocated" (i.e. the funding was allocated to a departmental account for purchase) or "OIT Commitment" (i.e. the request has been selected, but it will be purchased at the college level as a part of the consolidated order).

Funding requests marked "Not Selected" have not been approved and will not be funded.

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