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A Slide is a custom content type used to add landscape sized wide screen images in the masthead (header) area of your web site. The site will allow you to create an unlimited number of slides, but will randomly select three (3) slide images to display in each page load. We limit the number of slides to three (3) to be considerate of visitors using mobile devices or cellular data. The fields we support in our Slide content type are: 


Note: Unlike other the other content types, we don't show "Slides" by themselves with their fields next to them. While the below page view of the slide exists and is indexable, most people will not see the slide in this way.

Instead, visitors will interact with the slide as it appears on the front page of your site in the slideshow

Title - Except for personal faculty and research sites, the text here appears in the text in the white box on the front of the slide.

View when you are adding the slide's title: 

As it appears on the slide "page," which is not generally seen by site visitors:

How most visitors will see the slide title, with the slide image on the front page of the site in the slide show:

Image - This is where you upload your slide image. 

Slide link - Optional field that allows you to turn your slide image into a link to any piece of content on your site. 

Body - Some sites have an option to add additional text beyond the title. This field accommodates links. 

Slide caption - If you see this field, you will use this-- not the title-- as the text in the white box on the screen. 

Slide View

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