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Most classrooms and meeting spaces are managed through Campus Reservations/Astra. There are some classrooms and meeting rooms that have been reserved for departmental use. Those calendars can be managed through UGA Resource Calendars. 

If your department has classrooms that are scheduled with UGA Resource Calendars, this document will walk you through how to view those calendars and how to request a room reservation for one of those spaces. 

Viewing a Room Calendar

The easiest way to view a room calendar is using Office365 Calendars. 

Step 1: Login to Office365

Click this link: may have to login with your UGA e-mail login if you aren't already logged in. After logging in, you will see your personal calendar. See screen cap below: 

Step 2: Add Room Calendar you want to view

You will need to know the name of the room calendar, however sometimes searching can find the room. You can refer to this list of calendar resources to locate the resource in your department. 

Click "Add Calendar" and then choose "From Directory". See image below: 

Next enter the name of the classroom or meeting room. After you being typing the room name, click "search directory". You can refer to this list of calendar resources to locate the resource in your department.  The Resource Calendar name will appear in the list. Simply click the Resource Calendar name and then click the blue "open" button. See image below: 

Step 3: View the Calendar

After you clicked the open button, the calendar should now be listed in your "Other Calendars" menu in the left hand panel. Click the calendar name to toggle it on and off. When the calendar name is highlighted, the events will show in the calendar view. See image below.

You are done! Now if you want to reserve the room, follow the next set of instructions below.

Reserving a Room

You can reserve a classroom even if you haven't added the ability to view the calendar as indicated above. 

Step 1: Create Event

Click the "new" button. See image below:

Step 2: Enter Details

Enter the details for your event. Enter a name for the event, begin typing the name of the room in the location field, enter time details, enter a description and then click the "send" button. See image below: 

Step 3: Await Approval

After you sent your reservation request, the calendar manager received an e-mail to let them know about your reservation request. You will receive an email once the calendar manager approves your request.