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The Franklin College Office of Information Technology is responsible for processing all off-campus inventory authorizations. Completing forms correctly will expedite form processing. This document provides a step-by-step guide on how to complete the form.

Step-by-step guide


The form for Authorization for Use of University of Georgia Property at Non-UGA Locations may be found here:

This is the most current version of the form and should be used when requesting off-campus use of inventoried equipment; the form is a fillable PDF. The form includes 15 fields which should all be completed before the form can be sent to Property Control.

Emeritus faculty are required to fill out a Supplemental Information Form to be attached to the UGA Authorization of Use form.

Inventory Number

Field one is the Inventory Number for the equipment. This must be filled in to correctly identify the equipment being taken off campus. The Inventory Control number is generally available on the device on a barcode label in an easily discernible area. If there is no inventory control tag on the equipment, please indicate this in the Inventory Number field.

Item Description

Field two is the Item Description for the equipment. It is important to put at least the manufacturer and the model information in this space so the equipment is properly identified.

Serial Number

Field three is the Serial Number for the item(s) being removed. Next to the inventory number this information is the most important in identifying and keeping track of the equipment that will be used off campus.  The serial number is generally located on an identifying label from the manufacturer.  If you need assistance finding the serial number of your device you may want to contact Franklin OIT by submitting a helpdesk request.

Dollar Value

Field four is the Dollar Value. This is on the form for insurance purposes and must be completed.  Franklin OIT or your local business office can assist with this number.

Off Campus Address of the Equipment

Field Five is the Off Campus Address of the Equipment. This should list the physical address where the equipment will be kept.

Use to be Made of Property

Field six is the Use to be Made of Property. This Field should explain in detail the reason the equipment needs to be taken off campus.

Removal and Return Dates

Field seven and eight are the Removal and Return Dates for the equipment in question.  Items can only be checked out for twelve months at a time and then can be renewed if necessary.

Individual Requesting Authorization

Fields nine through thirteen are information about the Individual Requesting Authorization.  This includes the name of the individual, the department name, the current position, and the position short title and number. All of these Fields must be completely filled out so Property Control can properly assign the equipment. You department business office can assist with this information if necessary.

Authorized Signatures

Fields fourteen and fifteen are the Authorized Signatures for the form. The form must be signed by the department head or director and then forwarded to Audrey Greeson in the Dean's Office for signature before it is sent to Property Control for processing.

This form should be completely filled out before it is sent to the Dean's Office. If any Fields are left blank, the form will be returned to the department for completion and form processing will be delayed.

Individuals wishing to use equipment off campus should familiarize themselves with the Franklin College Off-Campus Equipment Policy.

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