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This document details Franklin College's policy on state-owned, inventoried equipment used off campus by faculty, staff, or students. All Franklin College units are within the scope of this policy.

Step-by-step guide


Franklin College developed this policy to define and communicate appropriate use of state-owned, inventoried equipment used off campus by faculty, staff, or students. The policy will help ensure that Board of Regents and University procedures are followed and understood. Inventoried equipment includes all inventoried items with a total purchase price of $500 or more.


UGA Procedures: All state-owned, inventoried equipment must be tagged by Property Control prior to off-campus use. Personnel within Franklin units will document the use of off-campus equipment by completing the University's authorization form; a link to the form is available at the bottom of this page.

The authorization form initiates insurance coverage for equipment used off campus; departments will need to cover these fees.

Each unit will identify an administrative professional who will maintain the authorization forms and coordinate the annual renewal process. Departments with a very large pool of off-campus equipment should contact Risk Management to initiate en masse coverage for the items.  A link to the UGA Risk Management web site is provided below.

Departments that wish to make state-owned, inventoried equipment available to faculty, staff, or students for University purposes on a short-term basis may provide an equipment pool. If departments use the pool model, the department may be listed as the 'Individual Requesting Authorization' on the authorization form rather than an individual. When possible, departments are encouraged to use a pool of checkout equipment rather than making long-term assignments to specific individuals; using a pool will help support professionals maintain the equipment. Pools may be assigned to a subgroup within the department such as a lab or program.

Approval Criteria

In an effort to be consistent and streamline form processing, the College defined the following approval criteria for off-campus equipment.

Requests from faculty and emeritus faculty will be approved if at least one of the following criteria is met:

  1. Engagement in scheduled teaching during the current academic year or active involvement in graduate committees or advisement if multiple students are served.
  2. Participation in sponsored research or research proposal.
  3. Current involvement in public service and outreach activities such as the Archway Partnership.
  4. Current service in an administrative role such as dean, department head, or director.

When possible the UGA FAR (Faculty Activity Repository) will serve as the source of data to confirm current activities. Requests that do not meet any of these criteria will be considered on a case by case basis; please provide a detailed justification.

Requests from staff will be approved when the job description requires working remotely or regular travel.

State-owned, inventoried equipment may be assigned to individual students via the authorization form if they are employed by the University; students that are not employees require a sponsoring faculty member. Include the name and signature of the sponsor on the authorization form under 'Individual Requesting Authorization.'

Appropriate Use

Department/unit heads will help ensure appropriate use of off-campus equipment by their faculty, staff, and students by advocating compliance with policy and encouraging defensible uses of off-campus equipment; heads will correct misuse when discovered.

As per Board of Regents policy, state-owned equipment located off campus must be used for University purposes only. A link to the Board of Regents Policy Manual is provided below; see section 711.09.

Off-campus equipment may not be used by family members or friends. A faculty or staff member may authorize a professional colleague to use state-owned equipment if supervised. For example, a faculty or staff member may authorize a professional colleague to use state-owned equipment at a conference or symposium while supervised if such use constitutes professional courtesy.

The College will comply with Board of Regents Policy on emeritus faculty and off-campus equipment; see additional details in the supporting information section. Appropriate use requirements apply to all users of off-campus equipment. Units within the College may not provide laptops or other items to faculty, staff members, or students as entitlements, gifts, etc.

Quantity Limits

Up to three inventoried, information technology (IT) devices (computer, printer, scanner, projector, etc.) may be assigned to a specific faculty or staff member for individual off-campus use, up to two of these devices may be computers; if additional inventoried IT devices are needed for individual use, they may be checked out from a departmental pool. 

There are no limitations on the number or type of devices that may be assigned to a faculty or staff member for the duration of a field school or field research project as long as the devices are used for University purposes, but departments are encouraged to utilize checkout pools for these purposes.  

When applicable, indicate student use of field equipment on the authorization form under 'Use to be Made of Property.' If the item will be used by a specific student rather than a class, include the student's name on the form.  

Off-campus Devices and Sensitive Data

If sensitive data must be stored on off-campus devices, develop a process with your IT (information technology) professional to ensure that sensitive data are protected. A link to UGA's Data Classification and Protection Standards is provided below.  This page provides examples of sensitive information.

Laptops and other portable IT devices used off campus must be returned to campus for maintenance and updates prior to the annual renewal process. 


Individuals found to be in violation of this policy may lose eligibility to use state-owned equipment off campus. If negligence results in theft or sensitive data exposure, the faculty member, staff member, or student may be responsible for equipment replacement or reimbursement of legal fees at the discretion of the Dean and Legal Affairs.

Board of Regents Policy on Off-campus Equipment and Emeritus Faculty:

The Board of Regents has approved the use of state-owned equipment for Emeritus faculty. The following must accompany the off-campus use request:
  1. A copy of the letter from the President or the Board of Regents that approves Emeritus status for the individual requesting off-campus use.
  2. A letter from the department head requesting the off-campus use and stating the reason for this request (listing the work the individual is currently performing for UGA).
  3. The standard form that is required for currently employed individuals would also be required. On the form where budget position number and title are to be filled in the department should type 'see attached documents.' Renewal would be required on annual basis just as it is for individuals currently employed. 
  4. It will be the department's responsibility to inform the user that the items are the property of the state and must be returned to the department when they are no longer needed or when they quit working. The items should not be disposed of in any manner. State owned property, whether inventoried or not, cannot be 'gifted' as compensation for work performed or as a 'retirement' gift.

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