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The Franklin College Dean's Office has made the move from paper forms to the UGA RUSS application. 


You can access the UGA RUSS application using the following link:  You will be directed to the UGA Central Authentication Service (CAS) to sign in using your MyID and password.

Once you log in you will be redirected to the RUSS main menu.  On the left side of the page you will see and click on Off-Campus Equipment Request and fill in the requested information about the equipment you will be taking off campus.  If you have multiple items please click on the Add a Line button for each additional item to be taken off campus.  Once that is complete then click Submit  to send the form to the first approval level. 

The RUSS system verifies employment status, therefore Emeritus faculty will not be able to use RUSS; however they can continue to use the paper process.  Off Campus Equipment Authorizations are also assigned to the individual requesting authorization therefore the request must be initiated by the individual who will be using the equipment off campus.  In the case of departmental check out items, please make a notation in the Use of Property field that the items are for departmental check-out.

RUSS has instructions for submitting off campus equipment authorizations here:

There are some off campus authorization requests that require extra documentation (emeritus faculty, sponsorship, or adjunct faculty), and those forms need to be attached to the request (paper and electronic version) so that they can be reviewed by the individual approving the request.


Supplemental Information Form for Emeritus Faculty

Off-Campus Equipment Sponsorship Form

Off-Campus Equipment Supplemental Information Form for Adjunct Faculty

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