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A Lab page is a custom content type used to add information about your research labs to your web site. Not everyone uses the Lab content type. Even if faculty have their own lab pages, the Lab content type is a great way to provide an overview to prospective students, faculty and visitors on the kinds of research performed in your department. The fields we support in our Lab content type are: 


Title - The title of your lab. It is useful to not only include your name, but the kind of research performed in your lab.

About this Lab - A description of the kinds of research performed by your lab. Can be as brief or detailed as you like, depending on what you want visitors to learn. Links, pdfs and videos may be inserted into this field. Images can be also, but you may want to save your best image for the Image field below, which becomes the thumbnail for your lab in lists.

Image - Optional visual for your lab. This becomes the thumbnail. Some faculty post data from their research, and others show photographs of them at work, or of their research staff. 

Lab site - Optional field to send people to your lab website, if you have one.

Research Areas - If your department makes use of broad research areas (usually found under /research) to group faculty and/or labs, you can begin to type the name of the area, the field will auto complete, and your lab will automatically appear with that research area. 

How to get your photo and/or staff photos to appear with Labs

Personnel-- such as faculty, staff and graduate students-- associate themselves with specific labs by using an autocomplete field called "Labs" in the Personnel content type. Here are some graduate students in a Lab in the Psychology department:

Lab Page View

Create Lab Page Screen