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Complexity Level: Beginner

This is a beginner topic. Little to no advanced knowledge is required.

Permission Level


This document details how to add buttons to pages on your website. For more information on how to add links in general, please visit our documentation on Adding Links to Content.

Table of Contents

Step 1:  Select the Text to be Linked

When you are editing a page where you want to link some text, first, select the text (by highlighting with your mouse) you want to be linked and click on the "Link" icon, which looks like a chain.

Step 2: Paste Your Link url, or Select Your PDF Doc

Now we can add a link to another page on our site, to a pdf or doc, and/or to a page on someone else's site. Click Save. 

Step 3: Select Style

While the link is still highlighted, click Style on the editor, and then select which button color you would like.

Once you select it, it should look like this

Step 4. Click Save

Once you're done click Save at the bottom of the page and you should have a button!

All Button Styles

Here is an example what all the different button colors look like. The color names are provided on each button and should match the name in the styles list in Step 3 above. 

Additional Information

Where can buttons be used?

Buttons can be used anywhere that links can. This includes other content types outside basic pages like Events, Articles, Research Areas, etc. They can also be used inside of blocks or in sidebars.

What sort of links can buttons be used for?

It can be used for internal links (links that lead to other pages of your website), external links (links that lead to a different website), PDFs, and emails.