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In order to print from your computer to the 2nd floor copiers in Gilbert Hall, you will need to enter your 'user code' before you send the print job.  This guide will show you how to add your user code on both Windows and Macintosh environments for Ricoh / Savin copiers.


Your user code is the same code you use to make copies at the copier.

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Windows Guide

Mac Guide

Adding your user code for Windows-based computers

Follow these steps to add your user code for Windows-based computers.  Your computer should remember your code between print jobs.

  1. Click Start > Devices and Printers, and then locate the copier in the list of printers. (In Windows 10, Devices and Printers is found by clicking Start and typing Devices and Printers.)
  2. Right click the copier and choose "Printer Preferences".

  3. In the dialog box that pops up, choose the "Detailed Settings" tab, and then click "Job Setup" under the Menu box in the middle.

  4. Enter your user code in the "User Code" box, and then click OK.

  5. You are ready to print!

Adding your user code for Macintosh-based computers

Follow these steps to add your user code for Mac-based computers.  You'll need to make sure you select your user code preset each time you print.

  1. Open a document that you'd like to print, and then initiate the print process by clicking File > Print (or Command + P).
  2. Make sure you select the copier you'd like to print to.
  3. Click the 3rd drop down box and then choose Job Log.

  4. Check the "Enable User Code" box, and then enter your user code in the box below.

  5. Click the 2nd drop down box labeled "Preset" and choose "Save Current Settings as Preset...".

  6. Name your preset and ensure the radio button "Only this printer" is enabled, then click OK.

  7. Click Print to print your document.


When you want to print again, be sure to select the copier and your user code preset (created in step 6).  You only need to select the user code preset.  You don't need to follow this entire procedure each time you print.

Additional Support

If you still encounter issues after following this guide, please submit a Helpdesk ticket or call our Helpdesk at (706) 542-9900.  Our full contact information can be found here.