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The Import/Export/Copy tool gives instructors the ability to easily copy, move and archive course components, from individual components to entire courses. With the Import/Export/Copy tool, instructors can:

  • Import components from created in other learning managements systems, provided by content vendors, or created in a content creation program (like Respondus). 
  • Copy components into a course offering/template from a supported file type, or copy components from another course offering/template
  • Export components from your course offering to a file. This allows you to reuse these components in another learning management system, including another Desire2Learn Learning Environment, or to store the components and then re-import them into another course offering/ template at a later date. Components are exported to an IMSCP-compliant zip file, meaning you should be able to reuse these components in any learning management system that supports this format.

Importing components is not the same thing as adding content to a course. This tutorial covers importing course components; for help adding content to a course, please see Adding and Organizing Course Content.

 For information about migrating content from the old eLC to eLC-New, please see the following help resources:

Step 1: Admin Tools

Open the course you wish to export components from and select Admin Tools.

Admin Tools Icon highlighted

Step 2: Select Import/Export/Copy

Step 3: Select Export Components

Select Export Components, check Include course files, and click the Start button.

Export Components dialog window


Step 4: Select Components to Export

Select all components or specific components from the available list, and click the Continue button.

Select Components to export page

Step 5: Modify Selections if Necessary and Include Course Files in Export

Modify your selections (if needed) and check Include course files in the export package before clicking the Continue button at the bottom.

export confirmations page

Step 6: Click Finish 

Click Finish to dismiss the Export Summary.

export summary check list

Step 7: Download Exported Course as a ZIP

Select Click here to download the export Zip package to download the file to the desired location on your computer for archiving or storage. Click the Done button when the download is complete.

export summary download


Have additional questions? Submit a ticket for assistance from the Franklin OIT Instructional Technology team.