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An Event page is a custom content type used to post events your web site. Events can include seminars, performances, readings, candidate talks, dissertation defenses, and more. Some departments also use "Events" to remind visitors of important dates and deadlines. This content type also includes the ability to push your events to the UGA Master Calendar. The fields we support in our event content type are: 


Title - This is the title of the event. The more descriptive the better, especially if you want to promote this event on the UGA Master Calendar (see UGA Localist Calendar fields below).

Type of Event - Some departments use these checkboxes to distinguish between certain types of events, or a special annual event. This is mainly used for sorting purposes. Here's and example of the edit screen for one department's event types:

Date and time - As you an see in the "Create Event Page Screen" image to the right, This is usually drop down menu in the format Year/Month/Day/Hour/Minute/am-pm, although some folks may see a block calendar instead. It is possible to list more than one date, so if you don't see that option, put in a ticket and the web team can add that functionality. 

Location - Indicate the building and room number of the event.

Description of event - Help visitors understand what the event is and why it is interesting and important. Images and links may be placed here, as well as video embeds.

Speaker photo - Used for either a speaker photo (if the person is not in the department) or a flier/image for the event. We don't recommend uploading fliers with a lot of text here-- save that for the "Upload A Flier" field below and put something more visual here. Once you upload the image, you will be able to control how the image appears in spotlights and lists with the cropping tools. 

Special information - A field used to draw attention to the information, useful if there is something special about the location, day, time, or speaker. 

Upload a File - Use this field if there is a PDF or Word Doc you would like to include. (These may also be embedded in the Description field.) In general it is better to put your fliers that are heavy on text here. 

Speaker Name (if Personnel) - If the speaker has a personnel page on this site, you can begin typing their name and the field will autocomplete. This allows the event to pull in personnel photos and a link to their personnel page with the event. For many sites, it also allows the event to appear on the person's page who has been tagged, again, automatically.

Because this field was filled out on the edit screen...

All this information appeared above this event automatically.

External Speaker Fields

Speaker Name - A field for speakers who are not in the department.

Department - An optional field to indicate one's department if they are not on the site.

University or Organization - Another optional field to indicate where someone is from or whom they are representing.

Speaker's Website - Usually used for external speakers since speakers in the department get a link automatically to their personnel page, but can be used for anyone speaking in the event who has a website they want to direct visitors to.

UGA Localist Calendar Fields

These fields (see edit screen below) are a great way to promote your events to the wider public. Using these fields gives your event the option of appearing on the UGA main site in the Master Calendar. All fields must be filled out, as they are specific to the requirements of the Master Calendar*. It's possible for us to pre-populate fields that will seldom change-- for example, maybe all of your events have the same contact name, email and phone number-- just put in a ticket and the web team can add this. 

*The image used in the Master Calendar listing will be the one you upload under Speaker photo. The title is drawn from the title of the event, so make sure it is one your desired audience will understand and be excited about.

Event Page View

Create Event Page Screen