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Ultra is the newly redesigned, browser-based version of UGA's current online collaborative learning solution, Blackboard Collaborate. Ultra maintains much of the functionality of Blackboard Collaborate while providing a better teaching and learning experience. The application is browser-based, so users no longer have to download and install Java or the launching software, allowing sessions to be joined much more quickly and easily. The interface has been redesigned, and its modern, clutter-free aesthetic more closely resembles the interfaces on our personal devices, making session navigation easy and intuitive. Just like Collaborate, Ultra sessions can be setup and accessed inside and outside eLC by UGA users enrolled in courses, UGA users not enrolled in courses, and non-UGA users, depending on the settings and permissions.  Users may participate in live Collaborate sessions via computer, mobile device, or phone.  Blackboard Collaborate Ultra also includes a recording feature that allows both audio and video recordings to be created for reviewing 15-30 minutes after a live session has ended.

This tutorial covers the steps necessary to create and schedule a new Collaborate Ultra Session in an eLC course and explains the various options and permissions settings available.

Step 1: Open Collaborate Ultra

Navigate to the desired course. From the navbar, open the tools menu and select Collaborate Ultra.

Collaborate Ultra link in tools menu


If you have customized your course navigation bar, you will need to add the link to Collaborate Ultra to your course navigation. Please see How to Add Blackboard Collaborate Ultra-New! link to Navbar for help.

Step 2: Create Session

Click Create Session

Create Ultra Session button

Join Room

Collaborate Ultra comes with a pre-made course room that you may simply enter rather than creating a session from scratch.

Step 3: Event Details

Enter the desired name for the session in the name field, then the session details.

Ultra Session Details Menu

  • Start and End Dates: Use these fields if you want the session to have specific start and end dates/times.
  • Select No End if you wish to use the same session throughout an entire semester.
  • Select Repeat Session if you want the session to repeat on specified days and times. Selecting this box will bring up a date and time menu to enter the desired repeat intervals.
  • Early Entry allows you to specify the amount of time participants may enter your session prior to the session start.
  • The description field is optional.
  • Selecting Guest Access allows participants in your session who are not enrolled in your course. 
  • Guest Role: Guests may be Participants, Presenters, or Moderators.
  • Guest Link: Provide this link to guests to access the session.

Step 4: Session Settings

Select the desired settings for your session.

Ultra Session Settings menu

By default, Participants can share their audio and video, post chat messages, and draw on the whiteboard and files; Session Telephony is enabled by default as well.

You may choose to disable any or all of the default permissions.

Select Allow Recording Downloads to allow participants to download session recordings.

Select Show Profile Pictures for Moderator Only to disable all profile pictures except that of the moderator.

Step 5: Save

When you are satisfied with the settings, click Save.

You may edit your session settings, view reports on your sessions, and delete your sessions at any time by clicking the Session Options button.

Session Options Button

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Help

For more information and help, please visit Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Help.