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Franklin College Office of Information Technology (Franklin OIT) selected Drupal as the content management system (CMS) we will offer to departments and other units in Franklin College based on features requested by clients, input from stakeholders and colleagues, and after testing alternative solutions. Content updates and other aspects of site administration may be distributed to individuals based on their roles. For instance, a site may be setup to enable faculty and staff to update their profile pages; other designated individuals may be able to update department-wide content.  

This Service Level Agreement is only relevant and applicable if Franklin College units have engaged the Franklin OIT Web Services Team to build a cost recovery based web site. Our Drupal CMS service is not available for third party-created Drupal web sites. 

Server Software and Modules

The Franklin OIT CMS service will include all Drupal core modules and a standard set of approved contributed modules to aid content editors and site maintainers with the following functions:

  • Manage site content (including personnel pages, course listings, calendar of events, research areas, and other basic general content)
  • Upload and resize images for use in pages
  • Format content using WYSIWYG tools

Franklin College Web Services Team Manager reserves the right to refuse installation of third party contributed modules to achieve specialized functionality, but will make every attempt to find a way to achieve client goals using Drupal core functionality and modules, or the standard approved contributed modules.

Hosting and Storage Service Fees

Franklin OIT offers CMS website hosting and storage service on a three-tiered model. 

For Franklin College Departments, Programs, Centers, and Institutes, the storage tiers will be calculated based on the main website, any sub-sites contained therein, and their use of storage resources:

  • Tier One - Sites that use less than 5 GB of disk space will be stored on Franklin OIT servers free of charge.
  • Tier Two - Sites that use 5 to 10GB will pay a storage fee of $1,000 per year. 
  • Tier Three - Sites that consume over 10 GB will pay $1,000 per year plus an additional $100 per GB per year. For example, a site that uses 11 GB will incur an annual fee of $1,100.

Storage fees for Franklin College affiliates (units that report to Franklin and one or more entities on campus) will be slightly higher: 

  • Tier One - Less than 5 GB, $250 per year
  • Tier Two - 5 - 10 GB, $750 per year
  • Tier Three - 10 GB+, $1,250 per year and $125 for each additional GB

Annual hosting and storage service fees are due in July for service provided July 1 - June 30; new clients will pay a prorated fee based on the month when storage begins.

Service may not be cancelled mid-fiscal year. Clients may terminate service by providing a minimum of 90 days written email notice before July 1 renewal. Upon termination, Franklin OIT will provide a copy of site data to the client via media or other means.

Renewal of service following termination will require clients to schedule a new website development project and incur associated fees.

OIT Roles and Responsibilities

OIT will provide the following as part of the CMS service:

  1. OIT will work with collaboratively with client to develop a standard departmental web site. (See our service listing page for more information.)
  2. OIT will install and configure the web server with Drupal CMS.
  3. OIT will setup of initial user accounts and access levels using MyID authentication
  4. OIT will maintain periodic backups of web site files and databases for the purpose of disaster recovery under the following conditions:
    1. Non disaster recovery file and database restoration services will be provided upon submission of helpdesk ticket at
    2. Restoration of files or data will begin within 2 business days of the request.
    3. Total restoration time will depend on the scope of the request and amount of data.
    4. Hourly system administration charges may be incurred for frequent or excessive restoration requests.
  5. OIT will appropriate redundant hardware and infrastructure to support the services.
  6. OIT will ensure security (SSL) certificates are utilized for all secure transmissions
  7. OIT will make domain name requests on behalf of client. We will submit domain name requests to enable Department-level CMS services UGA sub-domains.
    1. (For example:
  8. OIT will provide training and/or training materials for users and site administrators

Franklin OIT offers web site development for Franklin Departments, Centers and Institutes on a partial cost recovery basis; visit our service listing page for more information about web services. 

Department Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Client will submit all requests for service through the helpdesk ticketing system available at Alternatively, requests may also be submitted to
  2. Client will assign at least one general content administrator that we will train to manage content on the web site. The User Levels section of this document will provide details about this user role.  This individual may be the same individual assigned as the unit administrator.
  3. Client will assign at least one unit administrator responsible for administration of the web site. The User Levels section of this document will provide details about this user role. This individual will also be the point of contact in the case there is information we need to share with the department concerning system notifications and maintenance.

User Levels

Below is a description of the types of activities performed by these two different user levels: users and administrators. Clients must also provide contact information to Franklin OIT for the following:

  • Content Administrator access - All users can access the Drupal CMS using their normal MyID. This user level provides access to specific pages or directories. Content managers with this level of access are able to perform the basic tasks of making content updates and uploading images (up to 2 MB each).
  • Unit Administrator access - All users can access the Drupal CMS using their normal MyID. This user level provides direct access to configure theme settings to the extent the theme allows for it, to administer content types, blocks, and menus, and to make content updates and upload images (up to 2 MB each). Franklin OIT recommends identifying two administrators per site: one to serve as the primary and the other to serve as a backup. The admin role requires some technical expertise. Modifications to site elements could result in complete failure of the hosted website and are the responsibility of the account-holder.

No access to web code is provided under any circumstance

Content Restrictions and Advisories

Clients are responsible for ensuring that they are authorized to use any copyrighted material that may be posted on their websites. If Franklin OIT receives a copyright infringement notification, we may need to take all or part of the site offline until the issue can be rectified. Units must receive permission from students prior to posting images of students on their websites. Content must also adhere to local, state, and federal laws as they apply. Sensitive data may not be stored on the CMS service at any time. The presence of sensitive data will necessitate taking the site offline until all risks have been documented and mitigated.

System Reliability and Maintenance

Franklin OIT strives to keep CMS websites in production 24hrs/7days a week. Core upgrades will be performed at regularly scheduled intervals and during hours outside of typical business hours. When necessary, some maintenance may occur during regular business hours. Unit administrators will be notified of any scheduled or emergency system interruptions; these individuals will be responsible for redistributing the notification as appropriate. Whenever possible, Franklin OIT notifies the website administrator a minimum of two business days prior to scheduled downtime unless the downtime requires urgent attention, is based on security vulnerabilities, or is a result of equipment failure. Website administrators will also receive notifications regarding core module updates. 

Occasionally, campus network problems do occur. During these times, please ask your IT professional to work with EITS to resolve and/or provide updates on these issues. Off-campus website visitors should work with their Internet Service Providers as necessary to resolve off-campus network issues.

System Security

Systems security and protection are of the utmost importance to Franklin OIT. Security measures have been taken to ensure that our systems are protected against unwanted or malicious external access as well as maintaining the integrity of the data being hosted. Clients with access to systems are responsible for keeping their account credentials secure and limited to only their own use. Account credentials will adhere to the University Password Policy and Standard.

Portions of hosted sites which handle sensitive information will be secured using secure socket layers (SSL) with a fully signed certificate issued from the InCommon Certificate Authority (CA). Site code is isolated on the hosting systems through the use of individual security containers per site, to eliminate any possibility of exposure to underlying databases or other sites hosted on the same systems.

Secure Site Requirements and Limitations

All clients will have the login page of their site served over secure socket layer (SSL) using a signed wildcard certificate issued from InCommon. All secure login pages will be processed using the model of domain name, where 'hostname' is equivalent to the site or unit's name. For example, the School of Music may use for their website but the user logins will be under the domain.