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Blackboard Collaborate is UGA's current online collaborative learning solution. Collaborate sessions can be setup and accessed inside and outside eLC by UGA users enrolled in courses, UGA users not enrolled in courses, and non-UGA users depending on the settings and permissions.  Users may participate in live Collaborate sessions via computer, mobile device, or phone.  Blackboard Collaborate also includes an archive feature that allows both audio and video recordings to be created for reviewing 15-30 minutes after a live session has ended.

The Participant Panel is central to any Blackboard Collaborate session. From here, you can manage a session's participants by inviting or removing participants from the session, granting and revoking their permissions, solicit their input by polling, or send them to breakout rooms. Participant activity indicators and user profiles can also be viewed in the Participant Panel.


The Participant Panel Overview

Participant Panel

  1. Expand/Collapse button - shows/hides the Participant Panel
  2. Feedback menu - leave feedback on a presentation by selecting from the options in this menu
  3. Step Away button - use to let others know you are temporarily unavailable
  4. Raise Hand button - use to let others in the session know you have a question or comment
  5. Polling Response menu - respond to poll questions using the options in this menu
  6. Participants List - shows information about all participants in a room such as permissions and activity
  7. Global Options menu - options for permissions, polling, breakout rooms, and inviting participants
  8. Status Area - shows your status, permissions and activity
  9. Global Permissions - use to grant or revoke permissions to all participants in a session 
  10. Mobile Device Indicators - shows if users are connected via mobile phone or tablet
  11. Individual Permissions - a participant's permissions are listed here
  12. Activity indicators - shows a participant's current activity, such as transmitting audio or stepping away

Granting Permissions

By default, participants have permissions for all the Blackboard Collaborate tools and features except Application Sharing and Web Tour.

Permissions may be granted or revoked individually or globally (i.e. to all participants in a session except the moderator).

  • To grant permissions globally, simply click on the desired tool's icon in the Global Permissions area at the top of the participant list.

       Participants Panel Global Permissions

  • To grant permissions individually, hover over the person's name in the participant list to display their permissions, then click on the icon of the permission you want granted or revoked.

      Participant Panel Individual Permissions

Removing Participants from a session

Step 1: Select the participant(s)

Click on a participant's name or highlight multiple participants in the Participant list.

Step 2: Open Remove Participant menu

Right click on the selected participant(s) to open the Remove Participant menu.

Remove Participant Menu

Step 3: Remove Participant(s)

Click Yes. The Participant will be disconnected from the session immediately.

Stepping Away from a Session

The Step Away button notifies session participants that a user is temporarily unavailable. The user who has stepped away will still be able to see and hear everything that is happening, but other participants will know not to expect that user to interact with them.

  • Click the Step Away button  to indicate you are unavailable. The Step Away indicator will appear next to your name in the Participant List.

    Away Status Indicator in Participant List

  • Click the Step Away button again to return to the session.

Raising and Lowering Your Hand

Anytime during a session, participants and moderators may raise their hands to indicate they have a question to ask or comment to share. Participants with raised hands are moved to the top of the participants list, and if more than one hand is raised, participants appear in the order their hands were raised.


  • To raise your hand, click the Raise Hand button raise hand button
  • The Raise Hand button will now display a red circle indicating that your hand is raised: hand is raised indicator The number in the circle indicates your position in the queue if there is more than one hand raised.
  • To lower your hand, click the Raise Hand button again.


  • As a moderator, you may lower other participants' hands. To lower an individual's hand, open the Participant's Options menu for the individual and select Lower Hand.

    lower an individual's hand

  • To lower all hands in the room, open the Global Permissions menu and select Lower All Hands.

    Lower all hands

Leaving Feedback

Feedback on presentations can be left by both moderators and participants by clicking on the Feedback menu and selecting from the desired option.

Feedback Panel


Polls can be conducted of all session participants. There are four different types of polls:

  1. Yes/No (default)
  2. Multiple Choice Responses A-C
  3. Multiple Choice Responses A-D
  4. Multiple Choice Responses A-E

Step 1: Select poll type

Open the Global Option menu and select a poll type.

Poll type menu

Step 2: Poll participants

Ask your question (using your microphone or using text in the Chat or Whiteboard tool) and ask participants to answer it by selecting a response from the Polling Response menu.

polling response menu

Permissions Icons and Details

audio permission icon Audio permission allows Participants to talk in a session. If permission is revoked, they will still be able to listen.

 video permission icon Video permission lets Participants transmit video in the session. If permission is revoked, they will still be able to see the transmissions from other users.

 chat permission icon Chat permission lets Participants enter Chat messages in the session. If revoked, they will still be able to exchange private messages with moderators and read the messages of others.

 whiteboard permission icon Whiteboard permission lets Participants use the drawing tools in the Whiteboard, but it does not allow them to load content into the Whiteboard. If permission is revoked, they can still see the Whiteboard content entered by others.

 app sharing permission icon Application Sharing permission lets Participants host an Application Sharing session. If revoked, they can still view desktops and applications shared by others.

 web tour permission icon Web Tour Permission lets participants host web tours. If revoked, they will still be able to see web tours hosted by others.

Activity Indicators

microphone on indicator User has turned on their microphone

running wizard indicator User is running the Audio Setup Wizard

transmitting video indicator User is transmitting video

entering chat message indicator User is entering chat message

white board active indicator User is adding content into the whiteboard

app share hosting indicator User is hosting an application sharing session

web tour active indicator User is hosting a web tour

stepped away indicator User has stepped away