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Blackboard Collaborate is UGA's current online collaborative learning solution. Collaborate sessions can be setup and accessed inside and outside eLC by UGA users enrolled in courses, UGA users not enrolled in courses, and non-UGA users depending on the settings and permissions.  Users may participate in live Collaborate sessions via computer, mobile device, or phone.  Blackboard Collaborate also includes an archive feature that allows both audio and video recordings to be created for reviewing 15-30 minutes after a live session has ended.

Blackboard Collaborate's Chat tool is a built-in instant messaging system that allows participants to exchange text messages with others in the session. Messages can be sent to all participants in a session or to selected individuals, and chat conversations can be saved as a text file for review after a session has ended.


The Chat Panel Overview

chat panel

  1. Expand/Collapse button
  2. Message Text field
  3. Conversation tabs
  4. Options menu
  5. Emoticon menu

Sending Chat Messages

  • To send a public chat message to all participants in your current room, select the Room tab. Type your message in the text field and press Enter to send the message. 
  • To send private chat messages to a specific person, double-click on the person's name in the Participant list, enter your message in the message text field, and press Enter.
  • Moderators have the option to communicate privately with each other. To send a private chat message to other moderators, select the Moderators conversation tab, enter your message in the message text field and press Enter. Messages sent on this tab will be only visible to other moderators, and the conversation tab for moderators cannot be closed.
  • Moderators have the option to send announcements to participants in the main room and in breakout rooms. To send announcements:
    1. From the Tools menu, select Chat and then Send Announcement.

      announcement tool

    2. Enter your text in the message field. Select Send to All Rooms if you want your message to go to the Main room and all Breakout rooms.

      announcement text field

    3. Click the Send button to send your message.

Chat Activity and Permissions Indicators

  • A blue Chat Indicator Chat activity indicator icon appears next to a name of a participant typing a Chat message.
  • The dialog box icon Chat permission off icon indicates that chat permission has been revoked from a participant by the moderator, even if chat permission is set globally to "on".
  • The dialog box icon Chat permission on icon appears next to a name of participant to whom the moderator granted permission, even if chat permission is set globally to "off".