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Blackboard Collaborate is UGA's current online collaborative learning solution. Collaborate sessions can be setup and accessed inside and outside eLC by UGA users enrolled in courses, UGA users not enrolled in courses, and non-UGA users depending on the settings and permissions.  Users may participate in live Collaborate sessions via computer, mobile device, or phone.  Blackboard Collaborate also includes an archive feature that allows both audio and video recordings to be created for reviewing 15-30 minutes after a live session has ended.

Moderators can create Breakout Rooms -- rooms seperate from a session's Main room -- for small group collaboration.  Participants can be manually added to the rooms by moderators or automatically by Collaborate.  Breakout rooms have their own private tools and features similar to the Main room, including Audio, Video, Chat, and the Whiteboard.  It is important to note that if a Blackboard Collaborate session is being recorded for archival purposes, activity in breakout rooms is not recorded. This tutorial provides steps for creating Breakout Rooms, distributing participants into rooms, and closing Breakout Rooms.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: How to Create a Breakout Room

To create a Breakout Room, select Tools Breakout Rooms > Create Breakout Rooms...

Image of Breakout Room Window

Step 2: Breakout Room Details

In the pop-up window, enter a name for the breakout rooms, select method distribution, and click the Create button.

Image of Window to Name Breakout Room

  • If Distribute participants evenly or Divide into groups of... is selected, participants will be added automatically.
  • If Don't move participants is selected, participants must be added to rooms manually by the moderator. To add participants, right click on the participant name, select Send To Breakout Room, and select the desired breakout room.
    Image of Participants in Breakout Room

Step 3: Close Breakout Room

To close a Breakout Room, select the room's dropdown menu and click Close Breakout Room.

Image of How to Close a Breakout Room