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Complexity Level: Beginner

This is a beginner topic. Little to no advanced knowledge is required.

Permission Level


You can add pages to the menu structure. This a process that is similar to the one for Drupal 7 sites.

Remember, in most cases we only want to add content made with the "Basic Page" content type. Other content is set to appear places automatically.


Note on the Screenshots in this Document

This document shows screenshots from a site using the Franklin Vertical Theme, but the same steps apply to those using the Franklin Bold theme.

Table of Contents


Adding a page to the menu by editing the page

1) Click edit on the Basic Page you wish to add to the menu.

I'm going to add this page I made previously, "About our Department," to the menu.

IMPORTANT: In nearly all cases we only want to place content made with the "Basic Page" content template into the menu. 

This is because content made with other content types, such as Article, Events, Personnel, Courses, Labs and Research Areas, etc., are all set to appear in places on the site automatically. 

Personnel appear in the Directory, Articles appear under News, etc.

(Note: We also add "lists" of content like the Directory and News and Events to the menu.)

2) Click on "Menu settings," which appears to the right with other settings.

When I select "Provide a menu link," I get additional settings.

These are the default settings when I click "Provide a menu link."

3) If desired, rename your link to fit the menu.

4) Tell the page where you want it to appear.

I'm telling this link to show up in the top level of the main menu (the default) for now.

5) Save your page and view your site.

"About our Department," whose menu link I've renamed to "About us," is appearing in the main menu.

Place a page beneath another page (in a link under another link) in the menu

If I want it to appear beneath another page or menu item, I can tell the parent item to be another link.

In this next example, I'm going to make the page appear under the Faculty sub menu instead of the top level of the main menu.

I click "edit" on the page again and have gone back into the menu settings. Instead of putting the link on the top level of the main menu, I'm picking "Faculty."

When I save the content, I will no longer see the "About us" link on the top level of the main menu.

Instead, it appears under the Faculty sub menu of the main menu.

Adding a page to the menu by editing the menu

1) Get the url of the page you want to add to the menu.

Remember, you only want the part after the main url, usually after the ".edu" part. 

For example, Iif I were working with the Anthropology website on a page at, I would take everything after, so only the /directory/all part.

The site I'm working with as an example is a demo site, so I'm ignoring the site15.centos.local part and just taking the /node/1022 part, which is the url for the "About our Department" page.

2) Access the Main Menu.

Mouse over the main menu and look for the circle with a pencil. Click "Edit menu."

Or mouse over a submenu to get the "Edit menu" option.

Such as this sub menu under "People."

Or get to the menu via the Administration toolbar

From the admin toolbar, go to Structure >> Menus and click on edit for the "Main menu."

(if you don't see "Structure," click on the "Manage" link first.)

Ignore the other menus.

3) Click "Add Link."

4) Type a menu link title.

Again, it can be different from the actual title of the page, which comes in handy for long page titles.

5) Paste the url or url alias of the page you want to add.

In my case, it is /node/1022.

Note: You can't add links to pages that don't exist yet.

5) Tell the menu link where to show up.

In my case, I'm just adding it to the top level of the main menu.

You can always rearrange the order of the menu links on the next screen if you need to.

Here's my menu link settings altogether.

Description is optional. In the past we've used the "Description" field for some Drupal 7 themes, like the Franklin theme. We aren't using it currently.

6) Save the link and view your menu.

7) You can drag and rearrange the menu links here if you desire. Be sure to hit "Save" if you do this.

My menu link "About us"-- or "About our Department"-- is now in two places.

If I look closely at the screenshot below, I see the link is in the top level of the main menu where I just manually added it, and under "Faculty" where I told the page to appear. 

However, one of the links will default to the page's "home," and we don't have a way of controlling which one.

Right now when I click on "About us" from its location beneath "Faculty," it defaults to the link on the top level of the main menu.

8) That's it!

If you have questions or problems, please put in a ticket to and we'll be happy to help. 

To manage any part of your web site, you will have to be logged into the Drupal CMS.

If you need help logging in, please review this login help document. 

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