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Blackboard Collaborate is UGA's current online collaborative learning solution. Collaborate sessions can be setup and accessed inside and outside eLC by UGA users enrolled in courses, UGA users not enrolled in courses, and non-UGA users depending on the settings and permissions.  Users may participate in live Collaborate sessions via computer, mobile device, or phone.  Blackboard Collaborate also includes an archive feature that allows both audio and video recordings to be created for reviewing 15-30 minutes after a live session has ended.

In addition to the link in the course navbar, instructors may wish to add a link to Blackboard Collaborate in their course content. This tutorial covers how to add a link to a module using External Learning Tools.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Select Content From Navbar

From the NavBar of the course the link is being added to, select Content.

Image of eLC Navbar

Step 2: Select your Module

Under the Table of Contents in the left hand column, select the Module in which you would like to add the link.  (See Creating and Customizing Modules for more information about Modules.)

Image of Course Table of Contents

Step 3: Select External Learning Tools

From the Add Existing Activities dropdown menu, select External Learning Tools

Add Existing Activities Menu 

Step 4: Select Blackboard Collaborate

 Click Blackboard Collaborate.

External learning tools list

The link is automatically generated in the module.

Module with Collaborate link